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Life is really busy, but I enjoy hiking, reading, and hanging out with friends in my free time.

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But I've had an awful week, one thing after another has happened to me in relation to job, health issues etc and he will hardly look at me, he says he cannot discuss emotions.I am very accepting, I really am, but for him to not even contact me I was not expecting and I'm completely heartbroken. "There is no truth to this fashion of non-Mahrams being just good friends.

For those couples the major tensions will be over religious differences and expectations.

They are allowed to pick and choose but it's mostly arranged.

And women in Islam can't be forced to marry a person they don't want to.

Well from what i have heard muslim men as well as woman they like the guy to be muslim this way they can tell them who they can marry.

They might not allow it some go as far as picking the husband and wife for them this is done by the family so it might be they are keeping it from the parents.