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Peacoat dating

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A man should own at least one of these two coats, maybe both.

See below to determine whether you need one or both coats in your closet.

You won't see anyone else wearing a coat like this one. I just obtained the charcoal version during Neiman Marcus's 25% off sale.Click my easy paypal “tip jar” link that follows and THANKS!In the movie Sky Fall, Bond (Daniel Craig) wears a trim and short Billy Reid navy peacoat in Shanghai.So here are some clothing items you should definitely say ‘yes’ to, others that you better say ‘no’ to, and a handful of items that you should avoid wearing at all costs when taking a girl out on a date for the first time.Jacket: Yes Wearing a jacket is a great way of bringing an outfit together, thereby giving you a chance to show your date that you know things in the clothing department.To begin, ensure you’re dressed well for the date – it will not only attract your date to you, but will also indicate that you have social skills and that you respect her time.