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Aaliyah also signaled a move away from her long-standing musical relationship with producer Timbaland, who contributes just three cuts. Kelly, it appeared that Aaliyah was more than able to go it alone. I had this album when it was first released and no longer have it in my possession. I loved all of her work since her last album, One In A Million. Aaliyah never really followed trends and she always put her craft before her sales. Loose Rap This song is the most interesting, the beat sounds like something from TLC's "fanmail" album. This song is the biggest single off the album (in the states). Aaliyah's Third And Final Studio Album came Out In The Summer Of 2001.On her 3rd Disc, Aaliyah takes a more mature sound, and also a more mature and sexier image. For one, she only has THREE tracks (four if you include Try Again) That has been produced by Timbaland and only one that was penned my Missy Elliot. Ah, the first track and first single off the album. While 2001 was an era of happy go lucky music full or r & b singers and rapper cameos, Aaliyah takes a different route and comes with a gothic arabic song. In this song, Aaliyah and her songriter Static (who was also her temporary Boyfriend) adresses people that were hating on her and her music camp. It was A Month And A Few Weeks Before August 25,2001 which is The Date Of Her Death.Tracks such as "Never No More" and "I Care 4 U" (featuring Missy) are slinky, twisted ballads imbued with film-noir sultriness, as diva Aaliyah steps catlike away from the bubblegum R&B of her contemporaries. If there is ever a way talking about sex in a classy way, Aaliyah does it and does it well. More Than A Woman If Aaliyah was going for high album sales, this should have been the first single. You can see that she really broadened her musical horizons on this album.There's also the obligatory rock track tacked on near the end ("I Can Be"), but even this excels above the standard hip-hop/rock/R&B crossover fare with its Prince-like influences coupled with Aaliyah's own instinct for seduction. I really missed listening to this album which is why I purchased a copy online, since it is unavailable as a digital copy. RIP Aaliyah Let me start this off by saying, Im a huge Aaliyah fan. Every track on the album I fell in love with, but the ones I really enjoyed were "We Need a Resolution", "Loose Rap", "Rock the Boat", "More Than a Woman", "I Care 4 U", "Extra Smooth", "U Got Nerve", "I Refuse", "Those Were the Days" and "What If".

; January 16, 1979 – August 25, 2001) was an American singer, actress, and model.

Aaliyah Seven years after her debut at just 15 years old, Aaliyah assembled a third studio album that was astonishingly mature. I Care 4 UThis is the only song Missy Elliot penned for the album, sadly. I Refuse This is arguably her most crafty song off the album. Aaliyah talks about cutting him and even killing him.

Sadly, her death just a little over a month after its release stilled a promising voice in R&B. This song has a classic feel, like the temptations or some other music band from the 50's. It reminds you of the legend of sleepy hollow (the headless horseman). It's kinda short, but trust me, The epicness makes up for it. The song is not as great as "I Can Be" but I still like it. Try Again Does this song REALLY need a description? This is the song that made me obessesed with Aaliyah. 5/5OVERALL GRADE: 67/75= 89% B This is an amazing album, with only no more than two or three below average tracks.

Instead, this collection is an extraordinary romantic exposition of passion and pain. This ballad is just beautiful, and it was also Aaliyah's favorite off the album. Extra Smooth This is an upbeat song, and it's the perfect way to get the party back started after the two previous ballads. The song talks about A man trying to get at Aaliyah, but he's trying to hard to be smooth. Aaliyah fuses hip hop and latin/salsa music in this one. However, unlike her stellar vocal performance on "I Care 4 U", Aaliyah "dumbs down" her vocals, and holds back on her vocal abilities. It's Whatever Aaliyah talks about being in love (Damon Dash? The lyrics are really touching and many couples could relate. Aaliyah's third album is most likely her most diverse.

While Missy Elliott is cranking out jams for all her "club freaks," Aaliyah is like a modern-day (if less vocally gifted) Minnie Riperton, exploring the pains of moving from child star to adult sex symbol. "work the middle, change postiions." Aaliyah is telling her man how to work the bedroom. and The song is also quite long, but ever second is worth the listen. Each song has a different story as well as a different sound.