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But, the concern of not being able to control who views you worries me.Surprisingly, nearly half of those men under 40 years were severely affected by ED when compared to 40 per cent of men aged over 40 years.Unlike older men, this age group had lower body mass indexes, higher testosterone levels and fewer medical conditions which may make them more predisposed to ED.There are many reasons why men experience ED, including lifestyle choices such as smoking and taking drugs.Frequent use of drugs and cigarettes was found to be more prevalent in the younger group which, may have contributed to their erectile problems as toxic effects on the cardiovascular system can impact upon the blood supply to the penis.'The app is designed for confidentiality, and automatically deletes messages and images after the first time they are read or viewed. If HRC jumped off of a bridge, your wife would be chasing after her, clutching Hillary's purse and jumping with her.