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Tapper explained that two weeks ago Trump had told him that he didn’t question Rubio’s citizenship, because as Trump said in a the clip from that interview, “Rubio was born here.” Tapper then asked Pierson if this sudden desire to question his eligibility is simply predicated by “Rubio’s rise in the polls.”“With regard to Senator Rubio,” she replied, “more information changes things. Trump says that ‘I don’t know, he was born in Florida,’ but is he a citizen?

” Pierson shouted from off-camera, while Cupp explained that “the Trump campaign is trying to ‘otherize’ other candidates when they are surging — they did that with Ted Cruz, a Cuban-American; and Ben Carson, an African-American, with his religion; and now that Rubio is rising in the polls, Trump’s trying to communicate that Rubio is someone to be afraid.”“To a very small group of voters,” Cupp continued, “all of the problems in the world and all of their personal problems are the result of people who don’t look like them.

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For a species that notoriously enjoys making excuses, science has long been the great justifier.

Interestingly enough, like many young conservatives — Cupp considers herself to be non-religious, although she has made comments that she aspires to be a person of faith one day.

After college Cupp was hired by the New York Times as a contributor, and also put in hours for Politico. Cupp made waves this year when she disclosed that she is a gun owner, and mounted a firm defense of the 2nd amendment against the Brady campaign's argument that it was time to start registering guns along with bullets. Cupp appeared as the only sane person the broadcast, surrounded by absolute anti-gun nut jobs.

She has also been a frequent guest on CNN, Fox's . Her exchange was later voted one of the top craziest moments on TV for the year. Clearly you can see from watching the above mentioned video, that Cupp feels very strongly about defending our 2nd amendment rights.

While Cupp enjoys hunting in her spare time (With the cast of Duck Dynasty, we just heard!