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Both Nikola Jorgic and Maksim Sokolovic were convicted of genocide (other than Srebrenica); Novislav Djajic was acquitted, but the court confirmed that genocide against the Bosniak population was committed by the Serb forces in eastern Bosnian municipality of Foca.The following is an account of Ed Vulliamy: On the putrid afternoon of 5 August 1992, I stumbled into Omarska, as a reporter for the Guardian of London, along with a crew from the Independent Television Network (ITN).Use 'cause of death' (P509) for more immediate or underlying causes and events, e.g. re-burials, cenotaphs, parts of body buried separately.ethnic group: subject's ethnicity (consensus is that a VERY high standard of proof is needed for this field to be used.heart attack, car accidentburial and grave: location of grave, resting place, place of ash-scattering, etc, (e.g. In general this means 1) the subject claims it him/herself, or 2) it is widely agreed on by scholars, or 3) is fictional and portrayed as such).sibling: the subject has the object as their sibling (brother, sister, etc.).The Bosnian Genocide is the event referring to brutal campaign of ethnic cleansing of at least 500,000 Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims) coupled with the killings of 65,000 to 75,000 Bosniaks during the 1992-95 war of Serbian aggression.There are three legally validated genocides that occurred in Bosnia-Herzegovina, other than Srebrenica.Animals: male animal (Q44148), female animal (Q43445). Use 'manner of death' (P1196) for broadest category, e.g.Groups of same gender use "subclass of" (P279)cause of death: underlying or immediate cause of death. natural causes, accident, homicide, suicidemanner of death: circumstances of a person's death; one of: natural causes, accident, suicide, homicide, pending investigation or special 'unknown value'.

S pozivima oko 180 (gledam koliko ja otprilike troim).Udata sam žena i željna svega ,pošto mi je muž stalno na putu ja moram da se snalazim.Materijalno sam obezbedjena,tako da ako me dobro zadovoljiš, mozeš i nagradu da ocekuješ.Oke, treba napisati vie poruka nego inae, al to je ipak posao. Samo jo treba imat eludac za tipove, mada kasnije ionako postane flegma. S pozivima oko 180 (gledam koliko ja otprilike troim).S tim da pie preko tipkovnice pa nije tolika tlaka. S tim da slobodno moe smanjit mjesenu cifru na 7000, pa ak i na 6000kn to je i dalje super, a ispadne te i manje poruka nego to tipka inae. S tim da ja mjeseno potroim bar 200 kn to mi je minimalno 400 poruka (s pozivima).Notable international judgements include: Prosecutor v Nikola Jorgic (Doboj region), Prosecutor v Novislav Djajic (Foča region), and Prosecutor v Maksim Sokolovic (Kalesija/Zvornik region).